Olympiad Foundation

Olympiad Foundation is an Educational Organization for the competitive exams at school levels which are based on the school curriculum/syllabus for increasing the skills and higher order thinking.

Our Olympiad exams do a lot more to bring out the best in a child. Trying to motivate students to strive for better. A rank in the Olympiad develop a sense of confidence in the students and their parents. This also help parents identifying the talent of their child.

Olympiad Foundation has the aim to motivate students for extra learning and increasing their skills. As we know the world is completely pivoted on inventing new technologies daily, That's why it's important to think and plan about future with full motivation for the bright future.
Olympiad Foundation has been striving for 3 years to motivate students for increasing their skills in their particular field.

Our Missions
Twenty first century is highly complicated. All the previous aspect of past life are changing rapidly. In such a changing era Olympiad Foundation endeavors to:
Provide a healthy and competitive spirit among students so that they can face the coming challenge.
To create a feeling of globalization by encouraging students to participate in such type of tests.
To provide them more and more interactive, innovative ideas through practical’s and give them high quality of knowledge.
It aims to identify and give chance to future creators in every field including Science, Maths and others at school level.
It also aims to include recent researches tools, new publications and thesis.
The sole aim is to provide students a competitive spirit at school level in all stages so that future creator can prove themselves and get maximum benefit from available resources.
Last but not the least it aims to include all kinds of students from all category to provide them a chance to show their talent through such kind of test.
Olympiad books

Books will soon be available for every classes.
Olympiad Foundation - Online Autumn 2020
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