mathematic Olympiad Exam Registration, Syllabus & Sample Papers

Mathematics Olympiad

Mathematic Olympiad

Mathematics is an integral part of human culture. Human life can never be imagined without it. It is the language of engineering , physics, commerce and many other related subjects. It helps us to understand the World in a better way and makes us solve all kind of numerical problems that are the part of life . The main aim of Mathematics Olympiad is to develop Mathematical skills and aptitude among the students so that they can progress in their life. With the passage of time the world has become a Global Village where accuracy of data is most important which increases the dependency of people on Mathematics. Hence Mathematics plays a vital role in human life.

Mathematics Olympiad is aimed at boosting the moral values of students ; enhancing numerical skills and aptitudes of students and preparing them to face competitive exams. It makes them capable to solve most difficult task very easily. The Mathematics Olympiad stands as big platform to provide them a better way to excel in their life. The first Mathematics Olympiad was held in Romania in 1959. Since then it is going on to nurture the talent of maths among students. It is highly beneficial for college-goers and for those who want Maths at higher level. The syllabus covered in Mathematics Olympiad gives benefit for students who want to crack any kind of test related to Maths. The Olympiad Foundation also supports and helps such students by providing scholarship.

The Olympiad
Level 1
Toppers from 1st to 12th class will be awarded with Certificate + Medal. ( At School level )

Level 2
Toppers from 5th to 12th class will be awarded with Certificate + Medal + Gift. ( At State level )

Level 3
Toppers from 9th to 12th class will be awarded with Certificate + Medal + Gift + Cash. ( At Regional level )

The structure of the Mathematics Olympiad is as the following:

Class Number of Questions Marks Time Duration
1-4 50 50 1 Hour
5-10 50 50 1 Hour
11-12 50 50 1 Hour

Exams will be held in these States of India