English Olympiad

English Olympiad

No one can deny the fact that English language is ruling almost all over the world. Most of the countries in the World consider that English is a most universal mean of communication.

To cope up this competitive challenging World one needs to Master in English language. It requires proper listening, reading, writing and speaking. The question arises how one can excel in English language. The very simple answer of above raised question is that only test / competition can be the means of solving this question.
That is why to test the fluency of English among students, English Olympiad is held every year. This is a competitive exam of English language and Grammar. This test is conducted for the classes 1st to 12th at National level.

The main aim of the test is to enhance good communication skills and to understand better this International language. It provides a good platform for those who want to make their career bright.
It is a place where one can sharpen his knowledge and speak fluently whether in own country or foreign country. In this exam participants are given different ranks on the basis of judgement. It includes four level i.e. school level, district level, state level and finally National level ( It is a Non Government Organization which has been working since 2018 for the welfare and betterment of students. )

The Olympiad
Level 1
Toppers from 1st to 12th class will be awarded with Certificate + Medal. ( At School level )

Level 2
Toppers from 5th to 12th class will be awarded with Certificate + Medal + Gift. ( At State level )

Level 3
Toppers from 9th to 12th class will be awarded with Certificate + Medal + Gift + Cash. ( At Regional level )

The structure of the English Olympiad is as the following:

Class Number of Questions Marks Time Duration
Class: 1-4 50 50 1 Hour
Class: 5-10 50 50 1 Hour
Class: 11-12 50 50 1 Hour

Exams will be held in these States of India