About Olympiad

Olympiad foundation is an academic and educational competition and develop the competitive brain and spirit among the school children they can face the coming challenge.

Olympiad foundation founded by the Educationists, Economists, Scientists and Leading personalities of media with the great aim of developing and promoting Science, Math, English and Road Safety and other professional Courses. Olympiad foundation is beginning to promote attitude and temperament through innovative programming and use of skillful IT learning process that include school students across the world.

In the present time. The world is completely aixes on science and technology. It is suitable to think and plan about the future. The children of the parent shall be the leaders of tomorrow. Regular assessment of qualitative and quantitative up the scientific school. The Olympiad foundation hold various type of programmer across the country may highly reputed institutes and organizations.

Olympiad foundation commitment towards the fulfillment of its objections have been announced by the team of schooling institutions spread the country and lakh of students who have directly benefited from their information programs. Olympiad foundation has been conducting it’s Olympiad exams across the country with thousands of school and lakh of students appearing on its exams. For future Olympiad foundation startup several more innovative programs, which promise to being about a change to education and competitive programs.

Our Foundation conducts the following Olympiad:

Olympiad Exam 2020-2021 Entry Date will be declared soon....    |    Register for English, Hindi, Maths, Commerce, Science, Road Safety Olympiad Exam here    |    Find Olympiad Preparatory Material for English, Hindi, Maths, Commerce, Science, Road Safety Olympiad    |    Entry Fees: ₹150    |     Awards: 1st Prize: ₹11,000/-   2nd Prize: ₹7,100/-   3rd Prize: ₹5,100/-