About Olympiad


Olympiad foundation is an Educational body aimed at developing and promoting competitive brains and talents from all section of societies through competitions to be conducted periodically at schools’ level .

Olympiad foundation has been founded by the Economists, Scholars and intellectuals of various fields, the Educationists and Leading personalities of media with the aim of developing and promoting Science, Maths , English, Road Safety and other professional Courses. Olympiad foundation is determined to promote intensive attitude and temperament of learning through innovative programmes and use of skillful IT learning process across the world.

Presently, the world is revolving around the linchpin of science and technology. Hence, it will be worthwhile for us to think and plan about future of young generation . Today a reader tomorrow a leader and every Child is a leader of tomorrow; hence we are determined to raise competent leaders of tomorrow. The Olympiad foundation holds various type of Educational programmes across the country through highly reputed institutes and Academic organizations.

Olympiad foundation is committed towards the fulfillment of its objectives with the mutual patronage of Educational institutions and schools across the country and already lakhs of students have been benefitted from our informative programmes conducted hitherto. Last but not least , without the cordial and precious support of schools and Academic institutions, it is not possible for us to materialize our goals effectively and efficiently .

Our Foundation conducts the following Olympiad: