Scouts and Guides Olympiad

The wishes and aspirations of Lord Beden Powell were shattered and bottlenecked. Scouting programs have told the youth about the Scout Pledge and the values ​​found in Scout Law. Even today, these values ​​of scouting help youth grow to their full potential. Scouting develops academic skills, confidence, Moral valus , ethics and leadership skills in youngsters. It also develops civic skills that affect their adult lives.

"Certainly, parents are good role models of youth and have a powerful influence on their lives.
We live in a society that is constantly seeking skills and knowledge."

Scouts and Guides Olympiad provides four advantages . The first is the formation of character ; the second is the formation of sound health habits; the third is the training in handicraft and acquiring of useful skills; and the fourth is the cultivation of a proper spirit of service efficiently. The pursuit of this aim leads to the development of good citizenship, among boys and girls i.e Scouting or the Scouts . We aim to support young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development , so as to develop their constructive skills for the growth of society as a whole.

Level 1
Toppers from Scout/Guide with age 10-16 years will be awarded with Certificate + Medal. ( At District level )

Level 2
Toppers from Scout/Guide with age 16-25 years will be awarded with Certificate + Medal + Gift. ( At State level )

Level 3
Toppers from Rover/Ranger with age 18-25-35 years will be awarded with Certificate + Medal + Gift + Cash. ( At National level )

Exams will be held in these States of India